VA 94th Phonebanks

Virginia 94th District House Race - Shelley Simonds (D) and David Yancey (R)

The results of the November 7th race had David Yancey leading by 10 votes. After the recount on December 19th Shelley Simonds led by 1 vote. On December 20th a 3 judge panel agreed to accept an additional ballot for David Yancey created a tie with 11,608 votes cast for each candidate.

The statute is clear each precinct is recounted once; the losing candidate may contest the recount and request another one but no votes may be added after the completion of the recount.

The Virginia State Conference NAACP plans to file a lawsuit on behalf of the voters in the 94th district. During a recount there are observers from both campaigns; there were no observers when the judges made their decision. 

We are calling voters in the 94th District asking if they voted on November 7th. People who voted on November 7th will be asked a follow-up question, "Are you willing to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit to be filed in Federal court?"

Virginia 94th District

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